Stoke AccelerateHER Program

Stoke AccelerateHER Program

Managed and evolved the AccelerateHER program at Stoke Coworking, a comprehensive incubator supporting female entrepreneurs. Focused on practical business skills, mentorship, and networking, the program fosters the growth of women-owned businesses, equipping participants with the tools needed for success in the competitive startup ecosystem.
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Organization: TWU Center for Women Entrepreneurs

Tools Used: Keynote (slides), InDesign (Workbook), Zoom (Workshop Delivery), Descript (Video Editing) 

Program Overview:AccelerateHER is a woman-owned small business incubator managed by Stoke Coworking. It aims to support and nurture female entrepreneurs by providing resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to help their businesses thrive.

Role and Contributions:As the program manager, my responsibilities include overseeing the program's administration, iterating its design based on feedback, and facilitating hands-on workshops and coaching sessions.

Curriculum Highlights:

  • Cohort Structure: The program is structured around monthly cohort meetings with additional weekly workshops, focusing on business fundamentals, marketing, financials, and personal development.
  • Interactive Workshops: Workshops are delivered in various formats, including live sessions and video lessons, complemented by worksheets and hands-on activities to reinforce learning.
  • Mentorship and Coaching: Participants have access to 1:1 mentorship and group coaching sessions, providing personalized guidance and peer learning opportunities.

Program Impact and Evolution:

  • Managed and iterated the program to enhance its flexibility and accessibility, allowing for a mix of in-person and online engagement.
  • Integrated a learning platform to facilitate connections among participants, enriching the cohort experience with interactive and collaborative elements.
  • Conducted program postmortems to assess effectiveness, gather participant feedback, and continuously refine the curriculum and delivery methods.

Key Achievements:

  • High participant engagement and satisfaction, with an overall program rating of 9/10 and structure rating of 8.2/10.
  • Successful adaptation of the program to a hybrid format, balancing face-to-face interaction with online learning components.
  • Significant contribution to the business development of diverse owners, with a clear focus on creative education and lifestyle technology companies.