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    Journey to Innovation: My Path in Education and Entrepreneurship

  • Bridging Education with Technology for Innovative Success

    Hi there! I'm Juli James, an instructional designer and educational technologist who is passionate about merging technology with entrepreneurship to craft unique learning experiences. With a rich background in developing educational programs and mentoring small business owners, my mission is to guide individuals towards realizing their potential and transforming their innovative ideas into successful ventures.

    A Career of Learning and Leading

    Throughout my career, I've worn multiple hats: an Army journalist bringing stories to life, a game designer crafting interactive learning experiences, an educator shaping minds, and an entrepreneur driving business innovation. This diverse background has endowed me with a unique skill set, blending storytelling, design, and strategic thinking. Today, I leverage these experiences to enrich educational practices, integrating technology to inspire and equip the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators for success in a rapidly evolving world. These experiences have honed my skills as a technologist and mentor and reinforced my commitment to creating environments where learning and innovation thrive.

    What Drives Me

    My approach is characterized by a belief in the power of experiential learning, the potential of technology to enhance educational outcomes, and the importance of mentorship in navigating the entrepreneurial landscape. I'm dedicated to helping learners and entrepreneurs alike harness technology, embrace creativity, and achieve their goals.

  • Discover How We Can Transform Your Ideas into Action

    Book a discovery call to explore how we can work together towards your success. It’s an opportunity to discuss your project and see how my expertise in education, technology, and entrepreneurship can assist you. Let's make your vision a reality.