Media Entrepreneurship & Innovation Certificate

Media Entrepreneurship & Innovation Certificate

Designed and launched the Media Entrepreneurship & Innovation Certificate at the Mayborn School of Journalism, this program prepares students for the evolving media landscape through a curriculum focused on business entrepreneurship, innovative problem-solving, and media management. It integrates practical experience with theoretical learning, equipping students to create and innovate within both legacy media organizations and new media startups.
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Program Overview: The Media Entrepreneurship & Innovation Certificate at the Mayborn School of Journalism equips students with business entrepreneurship and innovation skills tailored for the media communications sector. This program prepares students to navigate and succeed in a dynamic media environment, enabling them to create or contribute to media businesses and startups.

Program Goals:

  • Equip students with the skills to launch and manage media ventures.
  • Foster an understanding of management, leadership, budgeting, business analysis, and market research.
  • Prepare students for careers in both legacy media organizations and new media startups.

Curriculum Structure:

  • Core Requirements (18 hours):

    • JOUR 3270: Media Entrepreneurship & Innovation
    • JOUR 4290: Media Innovation Lab (Capstone)
  • Elective Courses (6-9 hours, selected from the following):

    • JOUR 4215: Media Performance for News & Public Relations
    • JOUR 4270: Strategic Social Media
    • JOUR 4030: Advertising & Public Relations for Social Good
    • JOUR 3250: Game Design for Journalism
    • JOUR 3260: Web Design for Journalism
  • External Courses (3-6 hours):

    • Approved courses taken outside the department with school approval.

Educational Approach:

  • Combines theory and practical application in a problem-solving and iterative development framework.
  • Offers a mix of online, hybrid, and in-person courses, allowing room for curriculum innovation.

Unique Features:

  • Integration of real-world venture and incubator competitions, enhancing practical experience and industry relevance.
  • Short courses on new technologies and partnerships with other campus programs for pitch playoffs.

Faculty Team:

  • Led by experienced educators from the Mayborn faculty team who bring a wealth of knowledge in media, entrepreneurship, and innovation.