From Animals to Humans: How to report on zoonotic diseases and their environmental origins

From Animals to Humans: How to report on zoonotic diseases and their environmental origins

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, the EJN Zoonotic Disease Reporting Online Course was rapidly developed to equip environmental journalists globally with the necessary background to effectively report on zoonotic diseases, including COVID-19, and their impacts on communities. This initiative aimed to provide journalists with the tools and knowledge to accurately cover the emergence and spread of zoonotic diseases, enhancing public awareness and understanding of these critical issues.
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Organization: Earth Journalism Network, Internews

Tools Used: Google Drive (Collaboration and content creation), Camtaisa (Course video production and editing), Thinkific (Course delivery) 

As the instructional designer for the "EJN Zoonotic Disease Reporting Online Course," I rapidly developed a comprehensive training program during the COVID-19 outbreak. Utilizing EJN's webinar content and expertise, I produced engaging video materials using Camtasia, incorporating expert slides and creating additional ones. I also crafted the course's introduction, complete with my own script and voiceover, providing journalists worldwide with the knowledge to report effectively on zoonotic diseases and their community impacts.

For the "EJN Zoonotic Disease Reporting Online Course," learners were expected to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Understand zoonotic diseases, including their definitions, causes, and examples.
  • Grasp the medical, environmental, and societal impacts of zoonotic diseases.
  • Utilize public health and epidemiological concepts in reporting.
  • Access and interpret relevant data and information sources.
  • Develop compelling stories on zoonotic disease topics.

I collaborated with EJN to create unit and course assessments, comprising multiple-choice questions derived from the video content, and learners earned certificates upon successfully passing the final assessment.